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Get Ready to Ramp Up: 7 Marketing Tips

My prediction is that 2011 is going to be a good year. Anticipate greater demand, new opportunities, and a faster pace than 2010. Don’t stay hunkered down in your recession bunker!

Work these important pieces into your plans for 2011:

7. networking: don’t wait for an ideal meeting, make one

6. multi media: consider the possibilities and connections

5. events: create something

4. community service: be helpful

3. planning: goals, timelines, budgets, actions

2. health & happiness: be strong

1. love: what you do, how you do it, who you’re doing it with

My best wishes for a prosperous, happy, healthy New Year!

~ Nancy

Before Advertising, Get Back to Reality

Giving real value to customers is the best path to success.

Giving real value to customers is the best path to success.

As businesses, we have to think about what customers actually need and want. We are now in an age in which people are thinking about how to best use their resources to live their best life. There is a shift back to reality. There is a hunger for the truth. Hopefully your business fits into this ever changing landscape. If you feel that it does, you must communicate how.

Do not ignore reality. Change can be scary. The truth can be difficult to take. It seems upside down to say, but a solid foundation for long-term success depends on the ability to adapt. You may have to change, sometimes radically, your products and services. You may have to change your marketing strategies. You may even find yourself someday back at square one. It happens. Then you salvage what you can and keep going.

Regularly take the time to work on your business plan. It’s well known that it’s the single most important tool in your kit. If you don’t have one, this is a good time to write one. It will make you look at your business,┬ámarket, target customers, resources, capabilities, and yourself more clearly, in black and white. Share it with trusted advisors and friends. Get a reality check.

Here at Great Peconic Communications, Inc., we firmly believe that solid businesses can practically advertise themselves. It’s the businesses that are all hype and bubbles that give business and advertising a bad name.

We’re proud to have worked with people whose businesses have more to offer customers than was known. They had untapped capacity. Still, businesses must be careful not to overtap their capacity, promising more than they can deliver. They should leave a margin. They should strive to deliver more than expected.

It’s time to revisit business fundamentals of product and service value, price, convenience, and the like. Changes in the economy and marketplace present both opportunities and challenges, but we can’t lose sight of the customer.

For example, many small businesses can’t compete on price these days for commodities, but they can compete on service, knowledge, hospitality, customization, specialization, personalization, and the human touch in general.

A nonprofit on a shoestring should be focusing on delivering the value inherent in its mission. Positive publicity and the appreciation of those served will go a long way. Make sure your mission is aligned with need, that activities are aligned with the mission, and that you’re communicating effectively.

With respect to communications, we strongly advise our clients to leverage the power of new media (also referred to as “computers”) as part of a multi-media plan. The internet is accessible, affordable, and provides a direct connection with customers and others in the community served. But in all communications, computerized or otherwise, none of us should get lost or lose sight of what matters. Pay attention to time spent, budget considerations, effectiveness, and satisfaction in your communications tasks. If you are not someone who enjoys communications, if you have no particular skills in writing, design, computers, or networking, etc., then you’d be well advised to delegate it to someone who does. As important as a solid business foundation is, there’s another important thing: business communications. If anything, it has become more specialized and more important in recent years.

Quotations, Fun & Games

We’ll have more for you in posts to come. For now, enjoy these parting thoughts, a silly but useful game, and a music video to take you back to reality.

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“If people aren’t going to talk about your product, then it’s not good enough.” ~ Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Designing for Community with Zero-Advertising Brands, SXSW 2006

“Yes, our company is at risk because we cede control to the users, but that’s how we do our business. If the community decides to kill the business, maybe it deserves to die.” ~ Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Designing for Community with Zero-Advertising Brands, SXSW 2006

“Never write an advertisement which you wouldn’t want your family to read. You wouldn’t tell lies to your own wife. Don’t tell them to mine.” ~ David M. Ogilvy

“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” ~ David M. Ogilvy

Game: Burst Those Bubbles!

Here’s a game you can play to start fighting the bubbles out there while improving your typing skills so you can get more done on your keyboard faster. Go to the Bubbles Game!

Community Building


Great Peconic Communications owner, Nancy Swett, is the editor and publisher of two websites to help build community, NorthForkParents.com and iloveriverhead.com.The internet affords us the ability now to build communities and coordinate efforts. Nancy has felt there’s a need to strengthen families, revitalize downtown Riverhead, and advocate for the future of our youth. Many people have joined these efforts and have contributed a great deal.

Great Peconic Communications can help you build an online community of your own, and/or if you’re in the area and would like to be part of these groups, you’re welcome to join!

People & Our Tasks


Most of our projects involve planning, budgeting, coordination, and execution. Often there are people involved. We like people.

We certainly don’t want to bore or scare anyone with corporate management speak, so we’ll just simply say that we get it done and aren’t opposed to having fun doing it.

Don’t make us pull out the flow charts!



There’s no shortage of creativity and great ideas around, but who has the right creativity and ideas for you?

We do!

Taking into consideration your target markets, your products and services, and your style, we create the images that work for you.

And when it comes to execution of projects, the devil’s in the details, but so is the muse! Our ideas will enhance your project at every turn.

Your New Media Strategy


Is that pot of gold what it costs to promote your business, or is it the reward for promoting your business well?

Great Peconic Communications specializes in cost-effective advertising. In addition to traditional media outlets, there are now countless other options for putting success in your hands and within reach. Online social networking, online advertising, in-house mailing lists, flyers, networking, collaboration, cross promotions, press releases, enewsletters, blogs, video, photography, and more—-these are all part of the creative mix of advertising these days!

Great Peconic Communications can help clients plan their own strategy and help get it done.



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“Hello” is a word that has started many a blog, so that’s our first post.

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